Image of Senator Linda Newell

Colorado debates PI licensing, again

After the Colorado Supreme Court did away with PI licensing in 1977, one private investigator’s trade group has been failing for over 30 years at getting licensing reinstated. The issue is now being debated again.

In 2011, the PI trade group got a voluntary licensing program established in the state. Due to inaccurate projections about how many people would obtain the license, that program lost money and became a completely unsustainable failure. Now, the group is pushing legislation trying to convert the voluntary licensing program into a mandatory one. The issue has become volatile among Colorado PIs, with plenty of petty politics, infighting, allegations of dark motives, general disagreement, and opposition to the licensing bill. There are apparently 4 different PI trade groups in the state. One anonymous blog even criticized the veins in a PI’s “big neck” at a legislative hearing.

A CBS article has more details:

Colorado lawmakers are hearing renewed debate over whether to join 44 other states in requiring private investigators to maintain state licenses.

Democratic Sen. Linda Newell has sponsored a measure that would mandate background checks and skills tests for people doing business as private eyes. This is the second year in a row Newell has raised such a proposal, saying the current system attracts unscrupulous investigators.