National registry of exoneration cases released

Two universities on Monday released the first national registry of exoneration cases with data on more than 2,000 cases from the last 23 years.

In Colorado so far, only the 1991 murder conviction and exoneration of Alarico Joe Medina and the 1999 murder conviction and exoneration of Tim Masters are listed.

The Texas Tribune states that according to the data, of 891 exonerations counted in the U.S., there have been 87 exonerations in Texas involving crimes ranging from robbery to murder. Only Illinois, with 110, and New York, with 88, had more.

The authors note, however, that their work does not encompass all of the wrongful convictions that have happened in the last two decades. Many more cases, they wrote, are probably undiscovered as the wrongfully convicted remain behind bars, die in prison or lack the resources to prove their innocence, according to the Texas Tribune article.